The Map

If “mapping” is in our motto, we should explain what we mean…

-John Knapp, founder

Competency mapping, as a concept, has been around. While we didn’t invent it, SkillBank is taking this powerful concept farther than it has ever been taken. We are producing an unabridged job competency map spanning the jobs of 2030. Learn more…

And by combining this map with our AI models and data science, we illuminate the pathways between people and jobs. Not just the job they have, or the job they apply for, but all the jobs of 2030.

Competencies form bridges between jobs and industries. Competency Insight illuminates the pathways across the map.

For employers, the value may be even more profound. We show recruiters and hiring managers new sources for talent. For in-house talent developers, we provide tools to guide each member of their workforce towards their ideal role within the company. For senior management, Competency Insight helps them project their staffing requirements for upcoming initiatives and shows them which current staff members are most closely aligned with the needs of that initiative.

“The Map” is at the core of our vision. We’d like to help you take full advantage of it, please contact us today.

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