SkillBank is Mapping the World of Work™

Sketch of mapping the world of work
Simulation of the SkillBank job competency map revealing pathways – and skill gaps – between people and jobs, even across industries

Competency mapping as a concept is not new. However SkillBank is extending this concept with an unabridged job competency map spanning the jobs of 2030.

Combining our map and data science, we illuminate the pathways between people and jobs. Not just the job they have, or the job they want, but all jobs. Further, our system calculates a persons map location indicating how well they match jobs based on a comparison of their map location to the jobs around them.

Additionally, these pathways reveal competency gaps. So if the goal of the individual is to transition into a new job or new industry, the pathway details their reskilling requirements.

For employers, the value may be even more profound

  • We show recruiters and hiring managers adjacent industries which may be a viable new source for talent.
  • For talent developers, we provide tools to guide each member of their workforce towards their ideal role within the company.
  • For senior management, our technologies help project their staffing requirements for upcoming initiatives and reveals current staff members who are most closely aligned with the needs of that initiative.