SkillBank Testimonials

I love the idea of finding a job based on core skills and competencies, rather than sticking to a particular job title. I, for example, am not a technical support analyst any longer, but this title shows throughout my job history, and so the headhunters will continue to try selling me a support job… bleah. So just from my very own experience, I see a great future for the concept of SkillBank.

Christoph Berger, Berger IT Products and Services

The recruitment process has long been a one-way funnel that has resulted in an all-or-nothing interaction between candidate and company. What John and the Skillbank team are building is proving to be a compelling and disruptive offering to a long-sought-after solution in better matching candidates and employees with the skills required for the appropriate job function within an organization; automating what is a very manual process and bringing programmatic intelligence to what has traditionally been a very subjective process. Finding the right candidate is difficult, finding the right candidate for the right role is a complete game-changer.

Martin Ringlein, Managing Partner Adventure Fund

Driven and visionary, focused in bringing strong value to the process of work. John has seen the future for years, the time is right.

Brian Hilgendorf, Founding Principal, Hilgendorf and Associates

John is one of the rare breed who has the unique mix of skills that spans product, developer, designer knowledge and an ample background in business. His passion around his latest effort, SkillBank, along with the success he has had already in recruiting some quality team members and prospective clients and partners, leads me to conclude there are almost certainly great things ahead.

Keith Newman, Managing Partner, Newman Media

John is a tech savvy entrepreneur who not only has a big idea, but can deliver. He is focused, passionate and a great communicator.

Nicolas Robbe, CEO, Hoverlay