Talent Development

Two steps to unleash hidden workforce potential:
  1. Have your staff take an inventory of their competencies
  2. Use that insight to guide each towards their ideal role

When you uncover the strengths of each team member and guide them upward, job performance and job satisfaction are increased.

SkillBank fits into your talent development operations with intuitive tools for your staff, managers and talent developers.

  • Competency Inventory Module for your entire workforce
  • Talent Alignment Module managers and talent developers use during reviews, promotion discussions and while planning for growth
Here’s why this is important in talent development:

Workers disengage when they don’t see their upward path in your organization. Job performance suffers and attrition goes up.

SkillBank solves this problem by analyzing the competencies each staff member has within the context of our Job Competency Maps

Based on the competency inventories your staff members provide, SkillBank provides managers with a ranked list of potential roles within your organization.

Using this list, managers and talent developers can discuss suitable career paths and align each with their ideal career ladder.

And since SkillBank identifies skills gaps, you can develop individualized training plans for each staff member.

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