Seeking a Cofounder


“Senior technology entrepreneur and software architect is seeking a business development and growth oriented cofounder to capture a sizable HR market opportunity and help put people back to work in the post pandemic landscape.”

— John Knapp
About me:

I’m a startup veteran who has been building software products and startups for over 12 years. Recently laid off during the Covid 19 outbreak, I’m leveraging deep and relevant experience to shape the SkillBank product. I’m also the hands-on senior architect leading the engineering effort. Get to know me on LinkedIn and


My objective is focused collaboration; where I lead product and engineering and you lead growth and revenue. I expect we’d share much of the day-to-day as well as foundational decisions around markets, business and revenue models.

My overall business objective is to maximize the value in our core dataset and proprietary technologies and shape the business to help as many individuals and organizations as possible.

About my ideal cofounder:
  • Passionate about helping solve the employment crisis
  • HR industry business development experience
  • Experience selling SaaS to business clients
  • Generates leads, generates revenue
  • Likes early stage startups
  • Is personable, creative, resilient and mature
  • Is financially sound
Some of what you’ll do:
  • Sell what we have today and help plan what we sell tomorrow
  • Help select target markets and develop growth strategies
  • Help develop and iterate the revenue models
  • Develop and close strategic partnerships
  • Generate early revenue
  • Build and lead the sales and marketing teams
How we’ll get to know each other:

First we talk. Next, we dig into details about the business, the technology, the market opportunity and what we might do together. If we want to proceed, I’ll ask for three small projects with discussion and checkpoints after each.

  1. Write a market and customer research report
  2. Write a sales plan
  3. Write your 6 month deliverables

This is a great way to get to know each other, assess our fit and compare personalities and working styles.

About this cofounder opportunity:

SkillBank has a significant opportunity and I want a cofounder to help make the most of that. I intend to share significant equity and with no pre-conceived notions about your title, all options are on the table, up to and including your eventually taking the CEO title.

Whether we raise equity capital or continue to bootstrap, my intent is for my cofounder and I to reap a significant return on our investment and have fun along the way!

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