Two steps to more quickly get to the right people:
  1. Have your applicants inventory their competencies in our app
  2. Use that insight to shortlist top candidates more quickly

When recruiters spend more time getting to know top candidates and less time studying LinkedIn profiles, they become more effective and your time to fill roles goes down.

SkillBank fits into recruiting workflows with intuitive tools for applicants and sourcing personnel.

  • Talent Inventory app for your job applicants
  • Talent Alignment app recruiters use to quickly assess fit
Here’s why this is important in recruiting:

There’s no standard way for people to articulate their competencies or relate those to the job opening to be filled.

SkillBank solves this problem by analyzing the competencies an applicant has within the context of our Job Competency Maps.

Based on the competency inventories your applicants provide, SkillBank gives the recruiter a ranked list of applicants indicating the relative alignment between the job and the individuals being evaluated.

Using this list, the recruiter can more quickly weigh their options and make appropriate choices.

And since the best candidate may not be the most highly skilled, the skill gaps provided give a more compete picture to support better decisions and enhance your recruiting operations even further.

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