Recruiter Ambassador Partnership

Hiring hero's, fixing hiring

As part of our commitment to help recruiters and their companies hire better, we are pleased to introduce the SkillBank Recruiter Ambassador Partnership (RAP) program. The purpose of the RAP is to help spread the word about the advantages of SkillBank hiring technologies.

RAP members are recruiting professionals who care about their profession and are passionate about a good experience for candidates and themselves. And in our book, RAP members are SkillBank VIPs because their hands-on feedback helps us create and deliver a better product.

How we both benefit:

You raise your profile amongst your peers and colleagues by becoming a recognized expert in competency based hiring. You perform better because you have access to SkillBank software for use in your daily activities.

And in exchange for this, we gain yet another recruiter who is passionate about competency based hiring and is helping us spread the word for this powerful new approach to hiring.

Member Details:

Membership is free and open to any recruiter working in corporate TA.

  • As a RAP member, you will receive:
    • Platform access and a Recruiter / Analyst license
    • Training and support
    • Product info for your clients
    • Insider info about the SkillBank product roadmap
    • The opportunity to suggest product improvements
    • Our ongoing commitment to your Competency Based Hiring expertise
  • As a RAP member, you agree to:
    • Let us teach you how to use the SkillBank platform
    • Make regular use of SkillBank with your candidates
    • Provide occasional feedback to the SkillBank product team

After you become a member:

  • We meet to gather provisioning information for your platform. (15-30 minutes)
  • You gain access to private Ambassador Resources
  • Once provisioned, we deliver your training (60 minutes)
  • Our team is standing by to support your ambassadorship
  • Monthly check-ins for feedback and updates

SkillBank reserves the right to limit the number of RAP members and RAP platform usage limits.