Last updated 03/02/2022

Resources for Ambassadors

We’re glad for your participation in our Recruiter Ambassador Partnership program. We will work hard to make sure your participation will be beneficial for both of us.

How we both benefit:

You raise your profile amongst your peers and colleagues by becoming a recognized expert in competency based hiring. You perform better because you have access to SkillBank software for use in your daily activities.

And in exchange for this, we gain yet another recruiter who is passionate about competency based hiring and is helping us spread the word for this powerful new approach to hiring.

Helping you understand and use SkillBank

Ambassadors, we are at your service

You and the people you introduce us to are SkillBank VIPs. Please never hesitate to contact us when you have questions or need help. Please email or contact your team member directly.

Getting your Competency Insight Platform ready for use


Phase 1 provisioning gets your platform instance ready for use
Basic concepts to know

As an Ambassador, you will be given access to your own SkillBank platform instance for your candidate recruitment activities.

  1. During your Ambassador platform setup:
    1. We help you select Job Competency Units™ for each job opening
    2. We set up your account and generate your platform access URL
  2. How to invite candidates to use your SkillBank
    1. Without an ATS integration
      1. Provide first name, last name, email and JCU identifier
      2. Send candidates in a CSV or XLS file with a header row:
        fname, lname, email, jcu
      3. Email your spreadsheet to
    2. With an ATS integration
      1. The invitation process is automatic
  3. Candidate invitation email contains an access link which takes them to the competency ranking interface
  4. The platform is real-time showing candidate progress and scoring
Interface summaries for recruiters

Here is a brief description of the user interfaces available to recruiters. Additional information and screen previews are below.

  1. JCU list – Summary list of all of your JCUs
  2. JCU detail – All candidates tied to one JCU
  3. Candidate list – All Candidates for all JCUs
  4. Candidate detail – Detail for one candidate
    1. Competencies – Every competency for this candidate with scoring
    2. Job Radar – Scores this candidate for each JCU
  5. Competency list – All competencies for all candidates and JCUs
  6. Competency detail – All candidates for one competency
Understanding and using our Job Competency Signal™ scoring system

The Job Competency Signal is your source of competency insight. That insight is delivered in three components, described here. Using the three components in unison is the key to more confident hiring decisions and higher quality hires.

  • JCS/Suitability – The Suitability Score is a simple numeric score you can use for comparing candidates. A higher Suitability Score generally reflects the person has superior suitability to the job. However, Signal needs to be used together with Coverage to make a determination about job alternatives. (See the pro tips!)
  • JCS/Coverage – The Coverage indicates how many of the 10 most important competencies a person has ranked themselves on. From left to right, the top 10 are shown in descending order. A gap in Coverage means the individual has not ranked themselves on that competency.
  • JCS/Quadrant – The Quadrant provides insight about the applicant as thy relate to a particular job. Quadrants are numbered with I in the upper right and proceeding counter clockwise II, III, finally with Quadrant IV in the lower right.
    • Quad I – Over qualified and their interest is high
    • Quad II – Under qualified and their interest is high
    • Quad III – Under qualified and their interest is low
    • Quad IV – Over qualified and their interest is low

JCS pro tips

  • When two (or more) candidates both have full Coverage, the Suitability Score enables you to make valid comparisons between individuals. If their Coverage is dissimilar, comparisons can be less valid.
  • When you see an individual with a high Suitability Score and lower Coverage, that can indicate relatively high suitability. In this case, you may want to invite this person to increase their Coverage on this job so you can make a more accurate determination of their job suitability.
  • Because SkillBank scores every person on every job, it is normal to see lower Coverage on all jobs other than the job to which they are tied.
  • Low Coverage on the assigned job indicates the person has not finished ranking on the required competencies.
Candidate usage overview
  1. Triggered by you, candidates receive an email introducing SkillBank, explaining the process and providing a one-click access link. (See important note below!)
  2. Clicking the link signs them in and presents appropriate competencies
  3. Ranking on each competency is easy
    1. Open the card
    2. Adjust proficiency and interest sliders
    3. Save settings
  4. Required competencies are clearly marked and candidate must rank on all of them. (Takes about 5 minutes)
  5. Additional “optional” competencies are shown. Ranking on these is beneficial to you and your candidates.

IMPORTANT: The candidate must keep their access link secure. Anybody with that access link can impersonate that candidate!

The SkillBank Competency Insight Platform provides a quick and intuitive interface for job applicants to capture an inventory of their competencies.
Ranking module interface for candidates. Runs on any device.
Maintaining your Ambassadorship

You can remain in the RAP, and continue to enjoy free access to the platform for as long as you want. The only requirement is you make regular use of the platform in your recruiting activities and help spread the word about competency based hiring.

Helping you sell SkillBank

Talking points and sample email for you to send

SkillBank ambassadors are enthusiastic about the advantages of competency based hiring and they enjoy spreading the word. The following will help you introduce SkillBank and competency based hiring concepts when you talk to others.

We suggest these talking points and the goal you should keep in mind:

  1. How to explain SkillBank in a nutshell:
    1. SkillBank matches workers and work using competencies instead of resumes. Their software speeds up the screening process and provides actionable insight for more confident hiring decisions and higher quality hires.
  2. Ways you can mention some SkillBank benefits:
    1. It works before the interview so it speeds up the process.
    2. It’s data driven, so it’s objective and free of biases.
    3. Instead of resumes, it uses job competencies so all applicants are consistently evaluated.
  3. Keep our shared goal in mind:
    1. Your objective is creating interest and curiosity and a willingness to meet with us.
  4. When they start asking questions, you know you’ve done a good job!
    1. Notify your SkillBank contact.
    2. Send an email introduction to us and them.

For your email outreach, please copy and paste this text:

I’ve started using competency based hiring techniques in my recruiting work using software from It’s a new and unique approach so I thought I’d mention it.

In a nutshell, SkillBank matches workers and work using competencies instead of resumes. It speeds up the screening process and provides actionable insight for more confident hiring decisions and higher quality hires.

The way it works is it starts out with a set of competencies necessary for a particular job. Then, their app lets job applicants rank themselves on those competencies. What’s interesting is applicants rank both their proficiency AND their level of interest in using that competency in their work. Finally, they have a matching and scoring system that speeds up my screening and gives me good info I can use during interviews.

They’re a new company and eager to spread the word. And they’re pretty liberal with free trials these days.

Take a look at the attachment and if you’d like, I can introduce you.

Product handouts you can share with others

User interfaces for Recruiters and Managers

The Insight Menu is in the upper right. Shaped like a light bulb! The following are the main interfaces you will use on a daily basis.

JCU Listing

The JCU listing shows you all JCUs to which you have access.

JCU Listing. Click for full size.
JCU Detail

The JCU details shows you all job applicants and staff associated to that job.

Usage of the scoring system (Job Competency Signal) shown here is described above.

Each JCU contains the staff and applicants who are connected to this job. If you are using workgroups, only people from your workgroup will be shown.
JCU Detail. Click for full size.
Candidate detail: Competencies

Candidate detail has two tabs.

The Competency tab shows all competencies on which they have ranked along with scoring data.

  • Cohort – Total number of applicants and staff hwo have ranked on that competency
  • Ordinal – The ordinal ranking for this person. (1st, 2nd, etc)
  • Proficiency – Their proficiency ranking for this competency
  • Interest – Their level of interest in this competency
  • Quadrant – Their Quad score for this competency
There is a complete list of the competencies on which each staff member or job applicant has ranked themselves.
Candidate detail: Competencies. Click for full size.
Candidate detail: JCU Fit

Candidate detail has two tabs.

The JCU Fit tab shows a JCS for all jobs. This helps you determine if this person should be encouraged to apply to job alternatives.

Note: The JCS is describe above.

Based on the competencies of the staff member or job applicant, SkillBank Job Radar shows other jobs and a JCS™ for each.
Candidate detail: JCU Fit. Click for full size.
Competency Detail

The Competency Detail page presents summary information for one competency plus details for all job applicants and staff members who have ranked themselves on that competency.

The ordinal indicates the overall ranking of this person for this competency across the entire organization.

The Competency Listing (not shown) lists all competencies from all JCUs. Each competency has a link to access the Competency Detail page.

Competency Detail. Click for full size.