Get to the heart of hiring decisions… fast!

These two questions are the heart of recruiting. Other traditional job requirements (years of experience, education, credentials etc…) are there to help provide insight into the second question, but often companies haven’t even answered the first.

The ranking module provides your TA team the opportunity to:

  1. Determine which competencies are absolutely essential and unique for the role you’re hiring for.
  2. Ask candidates whether they possess those competencies.

It’s that simple!

Traditional assessments are long and painful for the candidates, but trudging through piles of irrelevant resumes is equally painful for the TA team.

The ranking module delivers the key competencies for your job to candidates who can rank themselves in minutes. It’s quick, easy and free for the candidates and a huge time saver for your team.

Two sliders

Too many professionals end up in a position where they over utilize a competency or two that they don’t enjoy doing, just because they’re good at it. We call these burnout skills. When high performing employees resign unexpectedly, it’s often because they’ve been asked to rely too much on these skills.

Our vision is to make sure that employees are matched up with the RIGHT job for them. That’s why we utilize a revolutionary two slider system in our ranking module. The two slider system captures not only how good a candidate is at a particular competency (we call that level) but also how much they enjoy using that competency (we call that interest).

Those two sliders are compared back to the designated level and importance that your team sets for each competency for unparalleled insights into what candidates are good at and what they like to do!!

Cheat Proof

It is estimated that about 40% of people lie on their resumes, while another 45% embellish or stretch the truth to fit their case (that’s a total of 85%). Over 75% of recruiters have caught people in lies or inaccuracies on their resume. In short… it’s a problem.

The two sliders that candidates use to rank are “cheat proof” because the candidate never knows what the job requirements have been set as. And the JCS measures closeness of fit rather than stack ranking higher scores. What this means is that candidates who embellish their competency level might actually hurt their score. After all, someone who writes like a best selling author might not be happy writing email copy for a hardware store marketing campaign.

We also make it very clear to candidates that if they embellish their “interest” in a competency, they’re just hurting themselves. They’ll end up using a competency they don’t want to use every day and that’s no fun for anyone.

In other words, there is very strong incentive for candidates to be truthful and introspective which is what SkillBank rewards rather than trying to “sell yourself” by embellishing a resume.