SkillBank Pricing

SkillBank delivers innovative cloud native technologies for job discovery, transition planning, competency-based employment insights and decision support to optimize the entire enterprise employment lifecycle.

Job Discovery

Job seekers and workers in transition use Job Discovery to discover job ideas and set learning goals helping them get a rewarding new career. Learn more…

Competency Insight

Growing companies, talent acquisition firms and outplacement service providers use Competency Insight to gain actionable insight about who to hire, promote, redeploy, or coach onto a rewarding new career path. Learn more…

Competency Insight is delivered via web interfaces or via APIs.

What’s included:

  • Instance provisioning and setup
  • Operator onboarding, training and support
  • Bulk invites for staff and job applicants (CSV & Webhooks)
  • Competency Acquisition Module
    • Distinctive 2d competency inventory interface
    • “My SkillBank” competency listing interface
  • Insight Module
    • Ranked Job Suitability interface
    • Ranked Talent Suitability interface
    • Workgroup and Org level talent optimization interfaces
  • Enterprise grade security and access control

Beta Deployments

  • Pilot slots (three two available)

Production Deployments

  • Join the waiting list
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