Platform Components

Here is a summary of the components which combine to deliver value to our business clients, their staff and candidates who inventory their competencies on the SkillBank platform.
SkillBank Cloud and Infrastructure

Each client requires access to the SkillBank cloud and platform infrastructure. The Cloud / Infrastructure License includes administrative modules, training and support.

Standard JobSet

JobSets contain jobs and competencies our clients use with their staff and candidates. Our Standard JobSet, managed and frequently updated by us, provides baseline access to a comprehensive set of jobs and competencies spanning many industries.

Alignment Module

Career coaches, managers and recruiters use this module to study the competency inventories of staff and job applicants to help them provide superior guidance, make better hiring decisions and make optimal hiring and promotion decisions for existing staff.

Corporate Staff / Candidate Platform Integration

SkillBank clients integrate their staff and job candidates with their platform instance to control access to their competency inventories. Invitation and account management interfaces provide control.

Job Competency Marketplace

For clients who need specialized job and competency materials, the SkillBank Job Competency Marketplace provides access to quality 3rd party content spanning the jobs of 2030.

Competency Inventory App
The SkillBank Competency Inventory App is used by workers, job applicants and individual job seekers throughout the world.