Outplacement Workflow

This is the typical workflow used by organizations providing outplacement services to companies who are reducing staff.

Once engaged to provide outplacement services:

  1. Within your SkillBank Operations Module, create a new Group for this client. (Groups are an organizational aid to segregate one client from another.)
  2. Based on the needs of this client, assign appropriate JobSets to this Group. (JobSets determine which Jobs and Competencies are available to this client and their laid-off staff.)
    • Note: You can create an unlimited number of JobSets, each with an unlimited number of Jobs and Competencies.
  3. Once your client has identified the staff you will be supporting, Import their list into their Group and send Invitations. (Invitation recipients get an email with a link to confirm their SkillBank Account and Inventory their Competencies.)
  4. Within the SkillBank Operations Module, your Career Coaches can Monitor Progress as individuals accept their Invitation and Inventory their Competencies.
  5. Within the SkillBank Talent Alignment Module, your Career Coaches can Review Competencies and Job Recommendations for each individual as they guide them into their new career phase.

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