Outplacement Coaching

Two steps to more effective outplacement coaching:
  1. Have your clients take an inventory of their competencies
  2. Have your coaches use that insight to guide them onward

When your coaches spend more time coaching and less time uncovering the skills your clients possess, you deliver a more effective service more quickly.

SkillBank fits into outplacement workflows with intuitive tools for your clients and your coaches:

  • Competency Inventory Module for your clients in transition
  • Talent Alignment Module for your coaches to use with clients
Here’s why this is important in outplacement scenarios:

When faced with a layoff, people often struggle to itemize their competencies. When this happens, it’s only natural they’ll have a hard time realizing all the career options open to them.

SkillBank solves this problem by analyzing the competencies an individual has within the context of our Job Competency Maps.

Based on the competency inventory your client provides, SkillBank gives your coach a ranked list of job options indicating the relative alignment between your client and the job options on the list.

Using this list, the coach can help the client weigh their options and make appropriate choices.

Additionally, SkillBank identifies skill gaps to support the creation of training and growth plans to help your client work their way into the job that’s right for them.

Discover the SkillBank Outplacement Workflow

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