Job Competency Marketplace

“SkillBank works by presenting a list of competencies people use to take inventory of their talents. Our marketplace helps make sure there’s an ample supply of job competency data available for companies and individuals.”

— John Knapp, SkillBank founder
Helping growing companies grow faster:

By taking advantage of the Job Competency Marketplace, companies have access to quality content to help them stay current with industry trends, gain greater staff competency alignment and quickly customize SkillBank to their needs as they implement new growth initiatives.

Companies licensing this job competency content present it to their staff and job applicants to more accurately map and align their workforce to the jobs to be done.

Helping experts monetize their expertise and help put America back to work:

Job competency, subject matter and industry experts can raise their industry profile, extend their thought leadership and enjoy a new revenue stream.

To support their efforts, our marketplace provides publishing and QA tools to insure consistent high quality.

In addition to the licensing revenue they receive, content suppliers will be promoted within The World of Work to elevate their status and provide recognition for the value they deliver to workers in transition.

Standardizing competency data for greater reach and versatility:

To maximize utility and versatility, job competency data is standardized and modularized into Job Competency Units (JCUs.) Each JCU contains the following:

  • Job title, description, classifiers (SOC, ISCO, NAICS)
  • Competency Set, each with name and two descriptions
  • Ranked Job / Competency Associations (LV, IM)
  • Three competency ranking examples per competency

Each JCU stands on its own or can be mixed and combined to suit any job competency use case in any industry. And taken together, JCUs create The World of Work™ to serve the workforce of 2030.

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