Job Competency Signal™

The SkillBank JCS eclipses other strategies.

In fact, no other competency assessment strategy provides more value more quickly.

* typical skills assessments are time consuming

The talent acquisition and development power of the Competency Insight Platform comes from the SkillBank JCS™.

Based upon the competency inventories of your staff and applicants, and determined by SkillBank algorithms and data science, the JCS provides deep insight to help growing companies hire smarter.

The JCS is comprised of three components:


The JCS/Suitability is a numeric score allowing you to compare cohorts of any size. It helps you quickly filter out unqualified applicants and zero in on those who deserve a closer look.


The JCS/Quadrant helps you understand the person behind the Suitability Score. You may favor one quadrant over another depending on your hiring objectives.


The JCS/Coverage indicates what’s behind the Suitability Score to help you understand their score.

The JCS not only helps you find the right person for the job, it helps you find the right job for the person.

The Competency Insight Platform shows you the JCS score for each person on each job within your organization.

The Job Radar shows you their best fit regardless of which job they applied for or which they currently possess.

And when you need even deeper insight, you can drill down to each individual competency of each individual.