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SkillBank + Greenhouse = hiring success

SkillBank quickly shows you top candidates using competency based assessments on the specific requirements of the jobs you need to fill. In a simple 5 minute process, job applicants inventory their competencies in our unique two dimensional interface that captures skill level and level of interest for each competency. SkillBank scores applicants against your job requirements and produces a comprehensive Job Competency Signal™ to quickly highlight top candidates. The JCS has three components, described below, but the heart of it is the JCS/Signal – a numeric score suitable for stack ranking cohorts of any size. It’s like FICO for hiring.

In this integration and usage guide, we will cover:

Enabling the SkillBank integration

Once you select the SkillBank integration, there are a few simple setup steps. The SkillBank Customer Success Team will work with you to prepare the Job Competency Units™ your job applicants will use to inventory their job specific competencies. Also, we provide access credentials to give your staff access to the Competency Insight platform.

Lastly, we provide an API key Greenhouse will set up for you. This key identifies your company on our platform and keeps your data secure.

Adding SkillBank stage into Job’s Interview Plan

Once Greenhouse has installed your API key, you can add SkillBank into the Interview Plans for each job you’ll connect to SkillBank.

To do this for an existing job:

  1. Navigate to All Jobs then Job Name for the job you want.
  2. Click Job Setup then click on Interview Plan to see your current plan.
  3. Click Add Stage to access a scrolling list of available Stages. Choose SkillBank then click Add.
  4. Once you add the SkillBank stage, drag it into the desired spot in your Interview Plan.

Configuring the SkillBank Stage

Once the stage has been added to Job’s Interview Plan, click Edit Take Home Test. Use the provided drop-down menu to choose assessments that you have previously set up in SkillBank.

Select the appropriate assessment and assign at least one Greenhouse user to grade/review submitted assessments. When finished, click Save.

SkillBank appears on your list of available stages

Sending the assessment

When the time is right, advance the candidate into the SkillBank stage, select an assessment from the list and click Send. This kicks off the process with an invitation email from us to the job applicant.

What happens on our end

The invitation email we send contains a personalized access link taking the job applicant to the competency ranking interface on SkillBank.

Once there, the candidate will rank themselves on a set of competencies which match your precise job requirements.

The SkillBank ranking interface captures skill level and level of interest

Accessing and interpreting your SkillBank results

The SkillBank Report provides comprehensive information, described below.

Once the candidate has finished, your recruiter is notified and assessment results are available for that applicant within that interview stage. (Greenhouse does not support status updates but updates are always available within the SkillBank platform.)

Note that you determine the competencies on which you ask the candidate to rank as well as the total number of required competencies. Our platform default is “the top 10 most important competencies” but it’s totally up to you.

The SkillBank Report for a job applicant who has finished their competency assessment
  1. The Job Competency Signal is a numeric “cheat proof“ score suitable for comparing applicants to one another. The JCS/Signal is based on the competency inventory provided by the applicant and your specific job requirements.
  2. The Job Competency Quad indicates the quadrant into which we have placed this applicant. Starting in the upper right with quadrant I and proceeding counter clockwise through quadrants II, III and IV in the lower right. The JCS/Quad helps you understand the person behind the Signal. It is likely you will favor one quadrant over another depending on your hiring objectives. Talk to our Customer Success Team for more information.
  3. The Job Competency Coverage indicates whether the applicant has completed all required competency rankings. (Presented in the form “their rankings” over “your requirements”)
  4. The Total Rankings indicates the total quantity of competency rankings provided by this applicant. We encourage applicants to continue to rank more if they wish.

Gain deeper insight on SkillBank

SkillBank is dedicated to quickly providing you with the insight you need to make confident hiring decisions quickly. The details we provide in your Greenhouse are supplemented by more complete information on the SkillBank platform.

Full competency insight details for each applicant available on the SkillBank platform
The SkillBank Customer Success Team is at the ready to provide the training and support you need to enjoy the full value our Competency Insight platform provides.

Updated 2021-10-15