API Integrations

In today’s automated workplace, countless technologies are used in the business software category known as HR tech. The reality is, businesses like yours probably depend on more than a few – and we all know some fit together better than others.

This is the technology landscape in which we operate and we know that if we don’t play nice, we can’t deliver the value you need.

Seamless integrations are essential.

The SkillBank platform and core architecture are designed from the ground up for maximum interoperability. SkillBank platform components are modular and each is designed so it can be integrated separately based on your requirements.

These are some of the ways in which our platform can be connected with existing technologies:

  • Onboarding — As a new job applicant, staff member or outplacement client comes into your system, they’ll be securely and seamlessly added to SkillBank as well. Your staff have full control over managing invitations and accounts.
  • Activity reporting — Your staff will be kept up to the minute regarding the activities your people have on SkillBank.
  • Competency Insight Access Control — With granular access controlled by you, your managers, recruiters, talent developers and coaches will have secure access to only those competency inventories you deem appropriate.
  • Competency Insight Data and Reports — Depending on your needs, SkillBank Competency Insight data can be injected into your existing HRIS or ATS or made available via intuitive and secure cloud native interfaces.

As a cloud native technology provider using the latest tools and techniques, SkillBank is dedicated to providing Competency Insight Data to your business securely, quickly and flexibly via the right combination of APIs and interfaces for all device types.

We invite your partnership inquiries and integration discussions, please contact us today.