It’s like FICO® for hiring

Evaluating candidates for credit worthiness used to be a very subjective process. People were denied credit for biased and often unfounded reasons. There was no consistency and the system wasn’t fair… sound familiar?

Kind of like hiring is today!

The pillar of our competency insight platform is the JCS™ which is a numerical score that measures how well the candidate’s competency rankings “fit” with the job requirements. This single numerical score allows you to evaluate candidates in an unbiased way. This score is typically returned to your ATS through one of our third party integrations. So low friction it practically glides into your hiring process.

The JCS can be used more extensively in our Competency Insight platform for deeper insight. After all, once we get the FICO score, it’s time to go look at income, assets and all of the nitty gritty details…

Deeper Insight

While the JCS™ is a great tool to do an initial screening of a candidate, the data you get from candidates who rank on their competencies can be far greater! For example, you can discover which candidates scored the highest on a particular competency. You could rank order them on their competency preferences. You could even discover that a candidate who applied for Job A might be a better fit for Job B… all based on their competencies!

The Competency Insight platform gives your recruiters super powers to sort and rank candidates without all of the bias and subjectivity of looking at resumes.

What could your team do with that insight?

Maybe answer questions like:

  • Did they apply for the right job or should you look at them for another?
  • Which of these applicants is #1 at the most essential competency you’re looking for?
  • Which candidate wins the race with some reskilling?

The answers to these questions won’t be based on conjecture or “reading between the lines” on a resume. These results also won’t be filtered out by an overzealous AI resume parser.

Make your way into the world of competency based hiring with SkillBank.