Competency Insight

Enabling better talent acquisition and development decisions across the entire employment lifecycle.

Look beyond the resume and hire smarter:

Recruiters and hiring managers gain rapid access to an essential new signal to know which applicants are best for which job.

Uncover hidden workforce potential:

Talent development professionals evaluate current job/worker suitability and identify skill gaps at the workgroup or org level.

Put your finger on the pulse of your workforce:

Management gains transformational insight about current workforce alignment and future workforce optimization requirements.

Deliver superior services:

Outplacement providers and career coaches gain insight to look beyond the resume and identify inspiring career ideas to help their clients build a better future.

Rapid access to better employment outcomes:

Leveraging your inventory of staff competencies with our map and data science, your company gains rapid access to actionable insight on critical topics such as:

  • Which applicants to consider for which jobs
  • How well your staff fit their current job assignments
  • Which staff would thrive more in other areas
  • Which staff need training on what topics
  • And much more

Competency Insight is delivered via web interfaces or via APIs.

See for yourself:

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