First, we made resumes obsolete.
Now, we’re going to disrupt hiring.

SkillBank is data driven hiring that eliminates biases and empowers talent acquisition teams to make more confident hiring decisions more quickly.

Big problem, big opportunity

The pandemic put millions of people out of work and more people than ever are looking to switch jobs. (Google “The Great Resignation.”) Most companies are struggling to find qualified workers and far too many job seekers are struggling to find work. 

The net result is more job openings are being posted (10 million in Q421) and more resumes and job applications are coming in daily. This, plus “one click apply” buttons mean the vast majority of inbound resumes come from unqualified applicants, desperate to apply to any and every job they find.

Because of this, companies are wasting money and losing growth opportunities because talent acquisition teams are buried beneath an avalanche of unqualified applicants. Their applicant tracking systems are failing, their recruiters are pulling their hair out their C-suite is pissed.

The SkillBank Competency Insight platform doesn’t care about resumes and doesn’t waste a second as it shortlists top candidates using an entirely new approach.

With SkillBank, it’s ask, don’t tell

Using SkillBank, employers ask applicants about job specific competencies instead of letting applicants tell their story via resume.

How SkillBank uniquely captures this opportunity

  1. We replace the resume with competency based decision support
  2. Data driven hiring eliminates biases
  3. Job Competency Units™ precisely specify employer requirements
  4. “Two dimensional ranking” captures applicant skills and attitudes
  5. Job Competency Signal™ stack ranks cohorts of any size
  6. Proprietary data and algorithms

How it works

  1. Simple integration through partnerships with leading ATS platforms.
  2. Job applicants use our Ranking Module to inventory their competencies.
  3. SkillBank data science scores applicants. “It’s like FICO for hiring.”
  4. Recruiters use our Insight Module to make the right hiring decisions fast.
  5. The result: SkillBank filters out unqualified job applicants and quickly provides deep insight on the ones that matter

Significant progress, significant potential

  1. Problem / solution fit has been validated through conversations with senior HR professionals including IBM, Tesla, Microsoft and Netflix.
  2. Our enterprise grade SaaS platform is fully operational, tested and ready for production use.
  3. Our first PoC installs are underway and SkillBank has initiated our first three partnerships with industry leading ATS providers.

Target customer, target market

  • Recruiting and talent acquisition decision makers
  • SMB and mid-tier enterprises over 200 headcount
  • In-house talent acquisition teams

Growth plan: Expand from the middle out

When a customer gets 1,000 applicants, they hire one but SkillBank gets 1,000 profiled job seekers. This puts us on a path to reach a million profiled job seekers. A valuable asset…

  • What we can do on the demand side:
    • Expand to meet the hiring needs of growing companies struggling to hire
  • What we can do on the supply side:
    • Expand to meet the reskilling needs of job seeker looking to move on

The industry gets it

Recruiting needs a viable competency based approach like SkillBank to match applicants to job openings.

Gary Miller, HR Acquisition Transition Mgr., IBM

Perspicacious founders

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John Knapp, Founder and CEO
#vision #product #technology #engineering
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Particularly skilled at zeroing in on the crossroads of market opportunity and unmet customer needs and applying practical business strategies to conceive and build a product that’s useful, intuitive and which delivers significant stakeholder value.

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Chris Riley, Co-founder and COO
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Passionate about building high functioning teams by removing obstacles and empowering people to do their best work. Has been a key part of the leadership for several high growth early stage companies that went on to significant business success and/or acquisition.

Pre-seed funding for industry insiders

  • Raising ~ $100K
  • Post money SAFE, friendly terms
  • Smaller checks go on Angel List RUV

Use of funds

  • GTM strategy refinement
  • Sales funnel activation
  • Initial revenue
  • Self service

Perspicacious advisory board

Brian Hilgendorf
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Nicolas Robbe
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Keith Newman
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Marty Ringlein
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