Here’s how it works

SkillBank is pioneering a new approach to career discovery, transition planning, hiring and talent development throughout the enterprise.

We make it simple:
  1. Rank your skills quickly and accurately in the app
  2. Discover new career options on our Map of the World of Work™
  3. Learn about your career options with in-depth career profiles
  4. Execute the career transition plan we help you build
  5. Thrive as you grow into your fantastic new career
We make it effective:

Our sophisticated and intuitive visualizations and tools make the process engaging and powerful.

Our proprietary dataset and algorithms provide a powerful new way for career seekers, recruiters and HR professionals to weigh their options, make good decisions and optimize outcomes.

We make it for enterprises, individuals and developers:

SkillBank is available to everybody who is looking for work, looking to hire or looking to optimize their HR outcomes.

Custom tailored versions are available to enterprises with specific needs. Either as a stand alone service or integrated with other systems.

APIs are available for 3rd party app developers who wish to build custom solutions to meet a wide variety of corporate HR needs.