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Dedicated to the Greenhouse ATS

SkillBank is a proud member of the Greenhouse Integration Partners program. We appreciate how intuitive and powerful Greenhouse ATS is, and of course, we appreciate it’s extensibility and how well it integrates with SkillBank APIs.

With a simple connection to the Greenhouse ATS, SkillBank puts applicant screening on autopilot and enables data driven hiring that eliminates biases and shortlists candidates based on job success factors defined by the employer.

Greenhouse ATS users enjoy these benefits:
  • Precise job competency data eliminates uncertainty on the job success factors you consider essential.
  • Automating the screening process frees hiring teams enabling them to focus on the candidates that matter most.
  • Your team has in-depth competency insight long before the first call.

Lastly, SkillBank solves talent shortages by scoring every applicant on every job, not only the job they applied for. These job alternatives help your hiring team fill more openings in less time.

Learn how SkillBank integrates with the Greenhouse ATS.