Job Applicant Funnel Fixer

If you’re like most talent acquisition professionals, you’ve been receiving more spam job applications than ever.

You know there are good candidates in the pile but more than likely, your ATS can’t highlight those as quickly and accurately as you need. Especially since more people than ever know how to tweak their resume to game the system.

Here’s a simple, powerful solution:

Rely less on the resume and use job applicant competencies to quickly bring top candidates to the head of the line. Just plug SkillBank into your ATS and you’re all set.

As soon as they apply:

  1. Applicant receives a job specific competency list
  2. Using our app, they rank on those competencies in 2D
  3. Their Job Competency Signal™ (JCS) is returned to your ATS
  4. You shortlist top candidates without looking at the resume
Our 2D Ranking System provides deeper insight for each applicant

The Job Applicant Funnel Fixer is a low-cost, high value solution sold on a subscription basis. Pricing tiers exist for businesses of all sizes.

Friction free workflow provides a JCS™ for each job applicant (larger image)
Put SkillBank to work and fix your funnel today:

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