Bring out the bright.

SkillBank unleashes hidden workforce potential by guiding each staff member into their ideal role.

SkillBank uncovers the strengths of each team member while revealing individualized growth opportunities to maximize their job performance and job satisfaction.

Unlike 360 assessments, SkillBank combines a data driven approach to career discovery and transition planning with an easy and accurate self assessment tool. For generalized usage, our standard dataset spans a broad range of careers, hard and soft skills and abilities common to many industries.

Our enterprise integrations leverage your career, skill and competency data to deliver targeted value to your HR talent development and employee experience initiatives. A blend of your data and ours is also possible.

How SkillBank enhances your talent operations:
  • Highlight new career paths within your organization
  • Align employees with their ideal career ladder
  • Deliver individualized training plans for each staff member
  • Have a dynamic overview of staff competency growth over time
  • Get next generation hiring and talent development guidance

Our platform operates stand-alone or via integrations with your HCM and ERP systems.

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