Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SkillBank for?

There are two main types of people using SkillBank, workers and employers. Workers (both staff and job applicants) use SkillBank to take inventory of their Competencies and discover their ideal job. Employers (both recruiters and managers) use SkillBank to discover and act upon job suitability of staff and job applicants.

What are Competencies?

Competencies comprise abilities, skills, knowledge and behavioral competencies. On SkillBank we focus on the job specific competencies which contribute to job success.

What is a Job Competency Unit?

A Job Competency Unit (also known as a JCU) is a special type of content on the SkillBank Platform. A JCU contains a single job (with description) and a collection of Competencies related to that job. Every SkillBank customer has their own distinct set of JCUs which are used to score each job applicant and staff member.

What is a Job Competency Signal?

A Job Competency Signal (also known as a JCS) is a standardized scoring system found with the SkillBank Platform. A JCS is used to score a particular person (staff or applicant) on a particular JCU for a particular SkillBank customer.

How do I inventory my competencies?

Click the icon in the upper navigation, browse the list, choose competencies you possess, set your skill level and level of interest on each. Your rankings are securely stored in the SkillBank cloud.

Where can I find my competency inventory?

Your Competency Inventory is securely saved in the SkillBank Platform. You can review your competencies at any time by clicking the icon in the upper navigation.

Can I run SkillBank on my cell phone or tablet?

SkillBank runs on any device.