Competencies are the key

SkillBank uses competencies as the framework to determine job suitability and success. In other words, competencies are the key to career success, recruiting, and hiring performance.

The SkillBank ASK+B Job Competency Model™ includes:
  • Abilities – The application of knowledge and skill in performance of a job
  • Skills – Technical or manual proficiencies acquired through training and experience
  • Knowledge – Subjects, topics and pieces of information learned through experience
  • Behavioral Competencies – Workplace actions that distinguish top performers
SkillBank ASK+B Job Competency Model
Our ASK+B Model embodies both hard and soft skills

For each job in the system, ASK+B unites a set of job specific knowledge and hard skills with selections from within a standardized set of abilities and behavioral competence. Taken as a whole, ASK+B truly captures what is necessary for job success.

Throughout the SkillBank platform, our technologies are based upon harnessing these four success factors. For example:

  • Our Job Competency Unit™ (JCU) extends job descriptions with the suite of competencies an employer identifies as essential to performing a particular job.
  • The Ranking Module of our platform captures the competency inventory of the job applicant or staff member as it specifically relates to the competencies of their particular job.
  • Our Job Competency Signal™ (JCS) applies proprietary algorithms to the competency inventories of people within the context of their particular job.
  • The Insight Module of our platform not only presents the JCS score of each person to each JCU, it includes a complete record of the competency inventories of each job applicant and staff person with unique competency scoring presentation:
    • Ordinal rankings show you which person is in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc place for a specific competency across the entire organization.
    • Competency quadrants are shown for each person and each competency.