Competency Insight Platform

In a nutshell, our Competency Insight Platform helps HR professionals like you make better talent acquisition and development decisions more quickly.

  1. Tell us which job families you care about and we’ll pull the right subsets from our master job competency map.
  2. Have your staff and applicants quickly inventory a few of their top competencies using our multi-dimensional app.
  3. Browse their competencies using our Job Radar and Skill Gaps to understand job suitability and unlock hidden workforce potential.
  4. Take confident action based on the insight you’ve gained about who to hire, train, promote or redeploy.
Let’s break that down:

Part One: The Map. We’re building an unabridged job competency map spanning the jobs of 2030. Taking the concept of “cross functional skills” to a whole new level, this dataset maps the competency bridges connecting jobs and industries.

Part Two: The App. Building upon our Job Discovery app for job seekers, your people use a streamlined version to quickly rank on competencies relevant to their work and the needs of the business.

Part Two Point Five: Interest level. Within our ranking app, we gather “level of interest” which is an important second aspect of the competencies for each person. This identifies “burnout skills” and learning opportunities so you can guide your people towards their ideal role. Learn more…

Part Three: Job Radar. Powered by SkillBank data science, our Job Radar visually indicates the alignment between your workers and your work. Not only for their current roles but for all jobs throughout your organization. SkillBank Job Radar answers questions resumes cannot.

Part Four: Skill Gaps. We’ve specifically designed the platform to provide insight to highlight fruitful paths for career growth. This helps talent development professionals define career paths and enables managers to conduct more productive performance reviews.

BTW: It’s part of the family. The Competency Insight Platform shares core algorithms and datasets with our revolutionary Job Discovery app. One is self service for job seekers and the other provides insight to growing businesses like yours.

Offered as a cloud native platform or integrated via APIs, we welcome your inquiries and look forward to arranging a demonstration soon.

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