Mapping the jobs of 2030

Competencies form bridges between jobs and industries. As the world of work evolves, a deep understanding of these bridges is essential knowledge.

The Cartography Project mission is to deliver an unabridged job competency map revealing these connections like never before.

Powered by SkillBank technologies, The Cartography Project is a partnership with the brilliant minds building and influencing the industries of tomorrow.

  • Industry Thought Leaders — Investing knowledge to make sure their industry is represented on the map.
  • Industry Influencers — Making connections, spreading the word and helping their industry grow and thrive.
  • Trainers and Coaches — Meeting job seekers and helping them gain the skills they need to get the job they desire.
  • Subject Matter Experts — Crowd sourcing job descriptions and competencies to make sure the jobs of 2030 are accurately reflected. (We <3 SMEs!)

We’re doing our part to help solve the pandemic employment crisis and put America back to work. You are welcomed to join us.

Participant shout outs on the Cartographers Page.

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