Help solve the pandemic employment crisis

Fact #1

The pandemic put millions out of work and left them uncertain which way to turn to find a new job.

Fact #2

Our competency maps help job seekers get unstuck and discover a job where they can use their skills.

Fact #3

To help put America back to work, we’re crowd sourcing an all-inclusive competency map spanning the jobs of 2030.
We need your support because we’re giving it away.

The Cartography Project:

An all-inclusive competency map spanning the jobs of 2030. Powered by SkillBank and made possible by you.

“When people are out of work, it’s easy to lose track of options and feel stuck. But the fact of the matter is we all have more competencies and more job options than we realize.”

“This is why I created SkillBank.We’re driven to help job seekers, especially those displaced by Covid-19, get unstuck, discover job options, make good decisions and land that new job.”

— John Knapp, SkillBank founder

The pandemic requires a commitment from all of us. We’re doing our part to help solve the employment crisis, help restore our financial health and rebuild our economies.

We need your help, please get involved.

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As the founder of, I’m driven to help solve the covid employment crisis by delivering a powerful new data driven approach to career discovery and transition planning.