The SkillBank Backstory

SkillBank Competency insight was initially conceived by John Knapp in the summer of 2020 during the Covid 19 pandemic. Driven by his concern for the millions of displaced workers, his first efforts were focused on helping job seekers discover new career ideas and identify skill gaps to focus their skill building activities.

“Since the pandemic caused our world to change around us, I’ve had serious concerns for the welfare of the millions of people suddenly out of work. And since we all need to do our part to help solve the pandemic employment crisis, I created SkillBank to help workers and employers gain the insight they need to make good job decisions.”

— John Knapp, founder and CEO

During 2021, setting out to fix hiring, he began working on what has become the Competency Insight Platform. The platform was designed based upon market analysis and competitive research.

As part of the initiative, he conceived and built innovations such as the Job Competency Unit, which helps employers precisely match competencies to the unique requirements of each job. Another significant innovation is the Job Competency Signal, a unique and standardized applicant scoring system said to be like FICO for hiring.

An additional innovation he built into the platform is Job Radar, which provides a list of job alternatives for each applicant and staff member.

Also in 2021, SkillBank released the first of their ATS integrations and began forming partnerships with leading ATS providers.