Improving lives.

We’re a young startup passionately run by some very experienced individuals. SkillBank is driven to help people understand their career options, make informed decisions and get what they need to create the future they desire.

Launching soon • Recruiting now
  • Our mission is putting people back to work in a job they love
  • Our strategy is a new approach to career discovery and transition planning
  • Our dataset and algorithms make it easy and effective for individuals and employers
Learn more about SkillBank:
  • Perhaps you – SkillBank is selectively recruiting for business development, sales and engineering roles. For details, please contact us directly.
  • John Knapp – Is a startup veteran who has been building software products and startups for over 12 years. Recently laid off during the pandemic, he has turned his attention to helping solve the employment crisis. Accordingly, John provides the vision which drives SkillBank. He’s also the senior architect leading the engineering effort to deliver the SkillBank technology platform. Learn more about him on LinkedIn or Angel List.
  • Silvestre Vivo – Is a front-end developer, entrepreneur with a history in architecture and urban planning. Strengths include expertise with many of the leading front-end technologies in use today. Learn more about him on LinkedIn.
  • Jonathan Gillon – Is a problem solver. He is a well connected 500 Startups Alum with business development, startup growth and fund raising experience with multiple exits. Learn more about him on LinkedIn or Angel List.
  • Brian Hilgendorf – Is an entrepreneur and finance executive with deep experience in emerging and venture funded businesses. His strengths include strategy and revenue models and his past experiences include a CFO role with JobAlign. Learn more about him on Linkedin or Angel List.
  • Noel Javillonar – Is a senior HR professional who has overseen the planning, implementation, and management of critical human resource and employee lifecycle functions to meet the growth trajectory of companies from 10 to 400,000 employees. Learn more about him on LinkedIn or Angel List.
  • Nicolas Robbe – Is an entrepreneur with deep experience in both marketing and technology. Experience includes technology, product and marketing leadership roles at IBM and Dynatrace. He is founder and CEO of AR innovator Hoverlay. Learn more about him on LinkedIn or Angel List.

We welcome your inquiries, please use the contact form to start the dialog and schedule a demo.