Buried beneath an avalanche of unqualified applicants?

Don’t worry, we can dig you out!

Hire Better:

SkillBank Competency Based Hiring technologies filter out unqualified job applicants
and quickly provide deep insight on the ones that matter.

How it works:

With a simple ATS connection, we use job specific competencies and data science to filter out the noise and quickly show you top candidates. Nobody else does this.

How you benefit:

Higher velocity hiring saves money. Data driven hiring eliminates biases and empowers your TA team to make more confident hiring decisions.

Works with:

Decision support platform delivers hiring certainty to growing companies.

Finds the right candidate fast by capturing skill and interest levels for the most important competencies each specific job requires. Don’t hire people who are burned out on the skills your company needs!

Stack ranks hundreds (or even thousands) of job applicants using our exclusive Job Competency Signal™ that’s like FICO® for hiring. You don’t have time to waste on “spray and pray” job applications or “ATS beater” resumes.

“Wow, I’m done already!”

Unlike traditional assessment tools, we get straight to the point by showing applicants exactly the competencies you deem necessary for the job. This intuitive 5 minute process reduces applicant drop outs and tells your candidates you respect their time.

Our 2D ranking UI presents competencies with descriptions and two rating scales. By factoring level of interest into their skill level, your TA team gets deeper insight that opens the door to more sophisticated decision making.

Your hiring KPIs will never be the same!

Powerful insight for hiring managers

Right out of the gate we add value to your ATS. We capture job applicant competency inventories and our Job Competency Signal™ is sent straight into the applicants record in your ATS.

And when you need deeper research, the recruiter and manager interfaces within the Competency Insight Platform give you answers you cannot get anywhere else.

This is rich decision support data that not only highlights top candidates but provides detailed rundowns on the particular strengths on the specific competencies that matter to you and your team.

Score every applicant on every job

In addition to scoring the applicant on the job they applied for, the platform concurrently scores them on other job openings.

If a candidate isn’t right for one job, they might be perfect for another. This not only saves time and effort, it increases TA campaign ROI.

Simple. Intuitive. Powerful.

Start with one job in one department and expand across the enterprise when you’re ready. Our cloud native technologies are intuitive and our customer success and support teams are dedicated to maximizing your success.

Filter out the noise.

We’re ready to dig you out from beneath that mountain of resumes from unqualified applicants.

Teflon coated workflow, no extra charge:

1) Choose your JCUs

The JCU™ is available nowhere else.

SkillBank Job Competency Units™ contain one job and a collection of essential competencies for that job. Our library is huge but if your needs are unique, they’re customizable or if what you’re doing really is rocket science, we can build your JCUs from scratch. (Hear that Elon?)

So basically, we quickly set you up with JCUs tailored to your specific needs for each job you need to fill.

2) Activate SkillBank on your ATS

It’s fair to say that from here, the whole process runs on autopilot. Applicants come in, one-click access links go out. 5 minutes later, the applicants are done and we swing into action to prepare a score.

And this is where it gets interesting. 🙂

3) Use our JCS™ on your ATS

(JCS/Signal: Job specific score)

SkillBank data science and algorithms crunch the numbers, the servers overheat a little then spit out a Job Competency Signal for each applicant on each job. You’re welcome.

The JCS is attached to the applicant record on your ATS and your TA rock stars suddenly get super powers.

The SkillBank JCS/Signal is a numeric score (like FICO for hiring) which instantly tells you which applicants need a closer look.

4) Get more on the platform

(JCS/Quad: I, II, III, IV)

(JCS/Coverage: Engagement score)

JCS Quad
JCS Coverage
The JCS™ is available nowhere else.

When you’re ready for deep insight, the SkillBank platform has several intuitive interfaces, many of which leverage the JCS/Quad and JCS/Coverage. On the platform, you get a close look at your hiring data and answers like:

  • Did they apply for the right job or should you look at them for another?
  • Which of these applicants is #1 at the most essential competency you’re looking for?
  • Which candidate wins the race with some reskilling? (Yeah SkillBank reveals skill gaps.)

Pro tip: In today’s tight job market it pays to look at the diamonds in the rough. Especially when you have SkillBank skill gap data at your fingertips.

SkillBank Competency Insight is a secure, cloud native platform that‘s ready for the enterprise. Especially yours. 🙂

If you want to skip to the head of the line, SkillBot has a scheduling button just for you.