Making the Case for Competency Based Hiring

TL;DR Competency Based Hiring becomes essential in 2022

Leonardo daVinci wrote the first resume in 1482, the business world was expecting them by 1950 and today there are over 200 million resumes sent out each year.

Yet there is still no standard resume structure or expected content.

So whether they’re processed with technology or read by you, resumes are cumbersome, inconsistent and just not that helpful.

It’s time to move beyond the resume.

Domo arigato Hisayuki San.

Sensible idea, asking people what they can do.

Not a bad start.

But making the move to full blown Competency Based Hiring requires more than asking that simple question, especially if this powerful concept can move into the main stream of hiring.

OK, but what is Competency Based Hiring?

Simply put, Competency Based Hiring means considering the job specific competencies of the applicant as part of the hiring process.

Let’s break that down.

First off, what are competencies? Competencies are the ability to apply or use the set of related knowledge, skills, and abilities required to successfully perform a particular job.

It might sound a little bit like skills testing but Competency Based Hiring needs at least these two key ingredients:

  • You need a suite of competencies relevant to the job opening
  • You need an effective and standardized scoring system

Why is Competency Based Hiring so essential in 2022?

Here are two main factors driving the need for Competency Based Hiring:

  1. One click hiring – It’s become so easy to apply for a job that applicants tend to spam job boards applying for every job regardless of their suitability. This makes it essential to quickly zero in on the applicants most suited for the job.
  2. The Great Resignation – With unprecedented levels of staff turnover combined with a historic labor shortage, growing companies need all the help they can get to hire quickly and effectively.

What’s special about SkillBank Competency Based Hiring?

  • It’s hard but we make it easy. Designed from the ground up for Competency Based Hiring, our Cloud Native Platform is a simple add-on to your existing hiring workflow.
  • We put the process on autopilot. SkillBank integrates with leading ATSs (applicant tracking systems) to automate your Competency Based Hiring.
  • We’ve got the competency data you need. Our library of nearly a thousand Job Competency Units covers many industries and each JCU details the essential competencies for the job you need to hire for.
  • We’ve got the data science you need. SkillBank has a standardized scoring system that’s like FICO for hiring. Our Job Competency Signal not only quickly shortlists top applicants, it provides deep insight on the person behind the score.
  • We take your hiring to a higher level. The SkillBank Job Applicant Ranking Module uniquely captures applicant interest in applying each competency on which they rank. We all have burn out skills but that doesn’t mean you should hire them. 🙂