Feature update Job Discovery

Build a bridge to somewhere amazing.

Today, we launch an important update to our Job Discovery app that enables you to specify a starting point to build your bridge to a better career and a brighter future.

Specify a starting point to your job discovery journey and keep exploring.

In two easy steps, choosing a job tells us all we need to get you going. Then, rank yourself on a few job specific competencies and check your Job Radar for job ideas where you can use the competencies you possess.

And since we want you to explore plenty of options, it’s easy to play with your settings to discover where else you can put your competencies to work. And perhaps more importantly, we show you what to learn to transition to a new industry or a new field.

Before you know it, you’ll replace job frustration with enthusiasm and motivation to achieve your career goals and the future you deserve.

No install, just click:

Simple. Easy. Runs on any device.

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