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One is not enough

Part of what makes SkillBank technologies so powerful is the way we capture “level of interest” — which is an important second aspect of the relationship a person has with their competencies.

Most people have “burnout skills” where they may excel but they really don’t want to. If your job forces you to apply your burnout skills, you’re not going to be happy in your work and you’ll probably quit.

On the other hand, most people have skills on which they’d like to improve. Not only is this a good indicator of where skill building will have a big payback, a high level of interest points the way towards workplace satisfaction and career growth.

Move away from burnout skills towards those which help you thrive.

This concept of “two dimensional” ranking is baked into the core of SkillBank data science. In preparing the job ideas we present and the skill gaps we highlight we look at the whole picture. This allows us to significantly enhance the value our technologies bring to job seekers, recruiters and talent development professionals.

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