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Why you should expand your job search.

One of the things that we at SkillBank are all about is finding ways for people to progress in their career. In today’s crazy world of work, that progress rarely goes in a straight line. Very rarely do we hear about someone joining a company and staying 20-30 years until retirement. Fact is most people from now on will have to jump around to progress in their careers.

Real change is happening all the time!

Here are some examples of people I know:

  • A security guard who joined a cryptocurrency firm.
  • A teacher who became a top tier software sales rep.
  • A financial planner who opened a bed and breakfast.

These people didn’t just change jobs. They changed industries! One changed from being an employee to being an employer. But how did they make the leap?

The first thing that these people figured out was that their resume wasn’t telling their whole story. They had goals, dreams, ambitions and competencies that couldn’t be captured in an experience section.

They then figured out what those competencies were and found other ways to employ them.

Your competencies chart the course to your next career

  • The teacher discovered her aptitude for verbal communication and persuasion translated nicely into the world of sales.
  • The security guard found out he had the ability to look at the world from a risk reduction standpoint – which led him into crypto currency.
  • The financial planner discovered his analytic ability allowed him to dissect the key components of a successful hospitality business.

The common theme here is that these people didn’t get NEW competencies. They didn’t go to night school and get a new degree. They didn’t spend thousands on online courses. They simply took an inventory of the skills and abilities they already had and got creative.

What can you do?

If you’re one of the 85% of people dissatisfied with their job… ask yourself what skills you have that can lead to a new career? To your dream career? Chances are, you’re like one of my friends who already had a huge foundation for their own career growth.

We want to help you realize all you can do with the competencies you have. That’s exactly what our Job Discovery app does. It’s free and the ideas it will provide will be enlightening and perhaps even a bit surprising. Try it today!

The SkillBank Job Discovery App runs on phones, tablets and desktops with no install.

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