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How we help end your job hunt frustration

Unless you’re in a growing job sector in a strong economy, “going with what you know” can be totally frustrating. Today, millions of unemployed workers feel stuck because they need new career ideas. This is even more true for those just starting a new career.

Searching job boards doesn’t solve this problem. Sure, it exposes you to plenty of jobs but if you’re like most people, you keep using the same old keyword searches – that’s no way to get the new job ideas you need.

SkillBank Job Discovery is your fast track to something new.
SkillBank Job Discovery Job Radar
Get unstuck by exploring new job ideas based on the competencies you list.

SkillBank Job Discovery is a free app for anyone interested in finding a rewarding new job. Job ideas are based on the competencies you list and SkillBank data science… and a little bit of serendipity!

Fact is, your competencies are valuable in multiple job sectors, probably including some you never thought about before.

That’s exactly why we’re launching Job Discovery as a free app for job seekers of all ages. We encourage you to open your mind to new job ideas and try SkillBank Job Discovery today.

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