SkillBank from the ground up


Building a successful startup is a lot like alchemy. Searching for the sweet spot of market opportunity, product offering, partnerships, customers and the people who make it happen.

I think we’re finding our way onto a very good path. We’re becoming clear on where our opportunities are, to whom we’ll deliver solid value and how we can build a significant and sustainable business.

I describe myself as a technology entrepreneur but first and foremost, I’m a builder. It hasn’t been easy but I’ve resisted the software developers curse urge to start coding before they know whom they’ll serve and what value their customers will clamor for.

But having studied the market deeply and talked to a sufficient number of potential customers, I’m pretty sure I have a sense of our sweet spot. And honestly, I couldn’t be more excited!

Putting it in a nutshell, SkillBank exists to bring value to the Employment Lifecycle. Here’s how it looks to us:
  1. Job seekers – often feel stuck and need to discover a broad range of job ideas based on their competencies.
  2. Talent sourcing professionals – need new tools to help them quickly identify and shortlist promising candidates for the job openings they’re paid to fill.
  3. Talent development professionals – are tasked to maximize business results by making sure the right staff members have the right competencies to fulfill their role within the organization.
  4. Managers – need to make sure their direct reports are well aligned to their jobs and their performance reviews are based on the facts of what they know and what they do best.
  5. Outplacement service providers – are tasked by the companies they serve to help laid off workers make a smooth transition into a rewarding new job.

The means by which we serve these constituencies is by leveraging big data, data science, our own proprietary algorithms and a burning desire to leverage technology to benefit mankind and build economies.

And since the start, my motivation comes from making sure SkillBank does its part to help solve the pandemic employment crisis.

So the time is right to head into the lab, lock the door and start coding with conviction – because we have an important mission to execute.

Catch you later!

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