SkillBank from the ground up

Things are taking shape

It’s been a busy time working on the core technology, refining our product roadmap and growth plans and adding brilliant individuals to our advisory board.

The techie in me is happy to say we’ve become quite sure we can do what we want to do. In other words, we’ve done enough work to be able to say we’ve eliminated most of the technology risk. And by the way, we’ve expanded our core dataset past 1MM data points.

Fun times. 🙂

We’ve also been talking to potential users or partners who have been equally helpful and positive. Of course that’s music to a founders ears but I know how easy it is to overestimate the opportunity and underestimate just how hard it is to build a sustainable business.

So, we’re pretty sure what we want to be when we grow up. We’re pretty sure of the value we can bring to our partners and users and we’re darn sure we can deliver the technology to make the magic happen.

Now we need to make sure there’s burger in the bun.

  • We need to make sure our users and partners find value in what we’re bringing to market.
  • We need to make sure our go to market and growth strategies will bring the growth we want.
  • We need to make sure our product offering aligns with proven demand in the market.

As we say it here in start up land, we need to validate our product market fit. And adjust course as we go to make sure we nail it.

So mainly, we’ll be doing that, writing a little code and maybe adding to the core team. I’m continuing to capitalize the business personally but we may take some outside capital in the not too distant future.

Always happy to hear from you so please share your thoughts below or reach me directly via the contact form.

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