SkillBank from the ground up

SkillBank origin story

Growing up in Seattle, I was one of those young expert skiers you see flying down the slopes. Though I might have been the only one to stop and give pointers along the way. Thinking about it now, I was probably one of the more annoying kids up there.

The point is that all my life I’ve found it rewarding to help people take on new skills. I’ve lectured and consulted nationally and built out a couple different online learning platforms to help others share their knowledge. And I’ve mentored countless startup entrepreneurs in person and online.

More recently, I’ve built and maintained some fairly robust platforms and up until I was laid off during the pandemic, was working in the field of AR doing back-end architecture.

So during the Covid 19 lockdown, with a little time on my hands and serious concerns for the welfare of the tens of millions of people suddenly out of work, I’ve been working on SkillBank.

We all need to do our part to put America back to work.

The SkillBank mission is simple: Help people get back to work. Picking up new skills along the way and changing careers if they need or want to. Because having the right skills is money in the bank.

We’re doing things that haven’t been done before. Mapping the world of work, industry by industry. Revealing routes between careers and making clear the skills a person needs to work their way into the career, and the life, they desire. And connecting them to the help they need along the way.

Look for semi-regular updates when we find the time to write. But believe me, we’re working hard behind the scenes and will launch as soon as we can! If you like the sound of what we’re doing, please get in touch. I read every note that comes in through the contact page. And please, tell your friends about SkillBank.


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