Solving the talent shortage with bias-free suitability scores for every applicant on every open role.

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SkillBank for Talent Acquisition

SkillBank replaces manual screening with data driven, bias-free hiring.
Here’s how you benefit:
  1. Automated screening saves you hours every day
  2. Rank your best candidates so you can start at the top
  3. Fill more jobs faster by scoring every candidate on every job and placing them where they fit best

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SkillBank for Talent Development

SkillBank reduces turnover with a revolutionary approach to career pathing.
Here’s how you benefit:
  1. By embedding your job success factors into your SkillBank, you have powerful new tools for performance reviews and transition planning
  2. By gathering competency profiles for each staff member, you have a snapshot of their talents at a given point in time
  3. By identifying and filling skill gaps as part of their career path, you increase job satisfaction while boosting workforce performance and output

SkillBank for Workforce Optimization

SkillBank drives growth and profits with a turnkey platform for better employment outcomes.
Here’s how you benefit:
  1. By documenting your job success factors in your SkillBank, you gain a powerful new tool to document optimal workforce requirements
  2. By gathering competency profiles for each staff member, you can accurately identify staffing and training needs across the workforce
  3. By uncovering hidden talents of existing employees, you can assemble optimal teams to more quickly launch new initiatives

Technology Highlight:

SkillBank Technologies are built upon an unabridged Job Competency Map spanning the jobs of 2030.

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Sketch of mapping the world of work

How it works:

Person /Job suitability scores are achieved by juxtaposing individuals on the map alongside jobs based on competency data and proprietary algorithms.
Skill gaps of an individual are identified based on map distance between a person and job where the span provides a direct readout of learning requirements.
Using this strategy, reskilling and career transition plans are seen as a map migration from point A to point B and learning progress can be shown as movement across the map.

How you benefit:

  • Solve for scarce talent by recruiting from adjacent industries
  • Cross-fit job applicants into alternative roles that align with their talents
  • Discover skill gaps and incorporate focused training into employee career paths
  • Revolutionize internal mobility by adding SkillBank intelligence to your internal job board
  • Align your talent strategy with your business strategy

The revolution begins with the Job Competency Unit™

The Job Competency Unit is the cornerstone of our Competency Insight Platform.

A JCU extends job descriptions with the essential competencies for job success plus precise meta information used by our talent ranking algorithms to stack rank cohorts of any size.

Our JCU library covers hundreds of jobs spanning many industries, each customized to your unique hiring needs. If none are suitable, JCUs will be created to your precise specifications.

Learn why competencies are the key.

JCUs are distributed into secure workgroups to suit organizations of all sizes. Click for full size.
The SkillBank Competency Insight Platform provides a quick and intuitive interface for job applicants to capture an inventory of their competencies.
SkillBank Ranking Module for staff and job applicants

Delivers a quick, respectful experience to applicants and staff

We get straight to the point by showing applicants and staff exactly the competencies you deem necessary for their job succcess. This simple 5 minute process tells your candidates and your workforce you respect their time.

Our multi-dimensional ranking app presents competencies with descriptions and two rating scales. By combining proficiency and interest level, your TA team gets deeper insight that opens the door to more sophisticated decision making.

SkillBank Insight Module for recruiters and managers

Gives you recruiting and talent development superpowers

Candidate results are sent straight to your ATS (or HRIS) with no reliance on the resume. When you need deeper understanding of worker talents, the Insight Module in the platform gives you answers you cannot get anywhere else.

Our competency insight reveals top candidates and provides detailed rundowns on the particular strengths of the specific competencies that matter to you and your business objectives.

Extend the revolution with our Job Competency Signal™ 

This is made possible with SkillBank’s objective scoring system. Each candidate and staff member receives a Job Competency Signal™ made up of three parts:

  • JCS/Suitability – Job suitability score enables direct comparisons (Like FICO for hiring.)
  • JCS/Coverage – Ranking status plus suggested alternative jobs
  • JCS/Quadrant – Nuanced insight on the person behind the score

Job Radar helps you fill more job openings

When it comes to revealing hidden talents, SkillBank Job Radar shows you what other jobs a person can do. Even jobs they didn’t apply for initially.

By reviewing these alternative jobs, each with a JCS to show you how well they fit, you will place more candidates in more openings in less time. In this way, Job Radar amplifies your TA campaign results.

Job Radar use cases for Talent Development and outplacement scenarios include performance reviews, coaching and career pathing.

Based on the competencies of the staff member or job applicant, SkillBank Job Radar shows other jobs and a JCS™ for each.
SkillBank Job Radar is part of the Insight Module. Click for full size.
The Competency Insight Platform provides bias-free, data driven hiring and talent development.

Simple. Intuitive. Powerful.

Start with one job in one department and expand across the enterprise when you’re ready. Our cloud native technologies are intuitive and our customer success and support teams are dedicated to maximizing your success.

Grows with you.

The more jobs, staff and applicants you use on the SkillBank Competency Insight platform, the stronger your ROI.